Which zoning of slatted frames is there?

Slatted frames have – similar to mattresses – different zoning. Ideally, for example, a slatted frame with the same number of zones should be combined with a 7-zone mattress. In this case, the spring effect of the slatted base best supports the zoning of the mattress. In general, the following applies to slatted floor areas, primarily the shoulder, back, and pelvic areas.

The shoulder comfort zone

In the area of the shoulder, some slatted frames have particularly flexible strips, which favor a sinking of the shoulder in a lateral position. This shoulder comfort zone is either equipped with thinner, tapered or perforated strips, which are also lowered in some models.

The pelvic comfort zone

In the area of the pelvis are also more yielding strips that absorb the pressure optimally. This pelvic comfort zone is also important for side sleepers because the hip area can thus sink much deeper and in combination with the right mattress a straight bearing of the spine is achieved.

The central zone reinforcement

The middle zone reinforcement is responsible for the ergonomically correct positioning of the spine in the middle and lower back area of the slatted frame. This zone usually extends over five to nine bars. Depending on the body weight and sleeping position, the flexibility of the bars in this area can be regulated by means of sliders. The slides connect two strips over a variable length and make the feeling of lying softer or firmer.

How do I properly set the center zone gain?

There are two different systems to regulate the mid-zone gain. In the first step, find out if your slatted frame has T or O-shaped slides:

T-shaped slide

This type of slider connects two adjacent strips and is connected to another strip below. This transfers the applied force downwards. Slide this T-shaped connection towards the center of the bed; the strips in this area are firmer.

O-shaped slide

The O-shaped slider fixed from below a help bar. Depending on the setting, the applied pressure is transferred completely, partially or not at all. If the sliders are in the middle of the slatted frame, they are softer here as the slats give way more strongly. Explore huge range of branded twin mattress for sale under 100 online at affordable price.